In 1 March, as part of the 77th annual conference of Univeristy of Latvia, Department of Anthropology organises a section on violence and tolerance "Tolerance: enacting, feeling, conceptualising". The event will take place in Kalpaka bulvāris 4, Riga. Please see below for more details.


University of Latvia 77th annual conference

Faculty of Humanities Department of Anthropology   

Tolerance: enacting, feeling, conceptualising          Chair: Dr Gareth Hamilton

Kalpaka bulvāris 4, Riga     March 1, 2019



10.00              Welcome

                        Gareth Hamilton

10.05              Opening remarks and context for the conference session

                        Aivita Putniņa

10.15              ‘Mass roast’: the potlach of online intolerance

                        Ieva Melgalve

10.35              Tolerance as a disobedient practice

                        Elīza Lasmane

10:55              Enacting tolerance in a zero-waste lifestyle

                        Līna Orste

11.15              From freaks to rightful members: making sense of belonging in the Estonian borderland

                        Alina Jašina-Schäfer

11.35              Negotiating gender roles and parenting styles in black/white interracial couples in Alabama and France: enacting tolerance against legacies of racial stigmatization

                        Cécile Coquet-Mokoko

12.00              Lunch

SESSION TWO                                   

Presenters are all from the LU Anthropology dept project funded by the Latvian Council of Science on ‘Strengthening families, communities and relationships: anthropological perspectives on violence’ (project no. lzp-2018/1-0068)


13.00              From toleration to security: depoliticizing a military training ground

Kārlis Lakševics

13:20              Violence in Latvian news reports: Affective reporting and reactions

                        Māra Neikena & Kristians Zalāns

13:40              Tolerance beyond the anthropocentric: managing hospital superbugs in Latvia

                        Zane Linde-Ozola

14:00              Framing tolerance to violence: the mass media debate in Latvia

                        Ilze Mileiko

14:20              Bananas and coffee: flashpoints and tolerance in blog posts in an eastern German city

                        Gareth Hamilton

14:40              The transcendence of power and perception of violence in the Latvian media

                        Aivita Putniņa

15:00              Coffee


15:20              Discussion: Evidenced-based non-violence policy